I can imagine you standing in the middle of the barn

With the heaviest of hearts and he strongest of hopes

A barrel is in your hand, do you really think it holds the answers you seek

Please, Daddy, don't- I'll be a better girl

Please, daddy, please- I'll be the best daughter in the world.

This way you may be easiest – for you

All it takes is a pull of the finger, a push of the thumb,

Are you crying, daddy?

As you put that pipe against your head?

Are you thinking of god or salvation,

Or only of death instead?

What makes you want to pull the trigger?

And end it all right here?

What will make you put the cold death down?

Will you realize we care?

Will it slip through your fingers and fall to the floor?

Will it be a decision made pure and true,

Or just dumb luck,

That will keep this life in you?

Please, daddy, please

Don't go away

I'll be a better daughter

I'll do whatever it takes…