For everything

You think that you are not awesome

And that you are no good


My friend,

You are awesome

And nothing less than it.

You say how awesome I am

But here's the thing

I am a part of you!

You helped me to be me

You showed me how much fun life can be

You became my best friend

You looked past my differences

You didn't judge me before you got to know me.

That is what makes someone great.

The ability to look beyond,

You have that ability

Many people do not have it

And you having it,

Just makes you that much greater.

You are great

You lift my spirits

Give me hope

Help me in my times of weakness

Are my light in the dark

You are my mini-savior.

You keep saying you suck.

No you don't

You save lives

Not only mine

But others as well.

You even say sometimes that you're a bad friend


You are a great one

The best I've ever had

If I had to dream up someone

Someone perfect

Someone to be my friend

I would dream up you.

You are exactly what I need

You are exactly what I want

You are exactly pure awesome.

You still think you suck and that you're junk

Remember this

You can't be junk

Because God don't make no junk.

You are always there for me

And I am so grateful

That you found me

And helped me up

Out of that deep consuming hole.

But just remember

I'm here for you too

I want to repay you for all the things you've done for me

Each day is really a blessing with you

Thank you