The lights suddenly go out and all becomes quiet as a hush goes throughout the audience when the deep plush red velveted stage curtains are parted… On stage spotlighted is a young Child, the leading character who has insights of a deeper level of understanding to be urgently conveyed unto his Mother, this he believes so deeply and never wavering. The Mother is tired and perhaps a bit slower in thot and yet it is this Child's youthful exuberance as well as her deep and abiding love for him that leads her ever on to follow him in spite of her weariness.

THEN it starts, the musical ecstasy that over and over will be repeated and interchanged with yet one other orchestrated set of musical notes. The notes played at each stanza as the Child is present and leading is that of mostly a piano with notes starting out so light and joyful in nature and such a gentleness conveyed with too a swishing gentle of drums and from time to time some chimes in a background while momentarily at times a flute can be heard……. while as the music that can be heard when the Mother is the leading character is of the same identical melody that represents the Child only there is a somberness feeling as deep bass notes are the main with bass, cello and violin blending and a hard thumping in beating drums fades in and throughout. After each character shares their thots of each stanza the music gets just a wee bit louder so that at the final stanzas there is a crescendo that just before the last lines then… changes into more gentle the music…almost as liken to the beginning where first the audience met with the Child.

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

Mother mother!
With haste: proceed
Toward yonder gardens
Where once were weeds!

Child child!

You hurry me so: proceeding

Why the herbs are growing

Where once were the dandelions!

Mother mother!
With quickness: come
To yonder fountain
Where water runs!

Child child!

Ever beckoned forward by thee: coming

To the well

Where water freely flows

"I see thee child,
As best you allow,
But tell what it is
You delight in now?"

"Child, Mother sees thee

Though oft it is you seem to run and hide from me

But tell me what is it

For right here you are now in my presence found?"

Mother mother!
With all speed: rise
To yonder colony
Of fireflies!

Child child!

Ever urged onward by thee: standing

In the evening amidst

The fireflies that are glowing!

Mother mother!
Without delay: look
To yonder meadows
With golden brooks!

Child child!

You won't even allow me to rest: viewing

Fields of heather

With streams of silver.

"I see thee child,
As best I will,
Now reveal thy prattling
Bout yonder hill."

"Child, Mother sees thee

Though my best efforts are frail,

Now what is this you are mumbling

Bout that mountain in the distant?"

Mother mother!
With nary a sense: come
To yonder garden
Of blossoms spun!

Child child!

I know you think me foolish: coming

Why this distant garden

Is filled with flowers lavish!

Mother mother!
With too much doubt: see
To yonder gifts
That god hath made me!

Child child!

I am trying not to question: seeing

Beyond all of nature's bounty

That the Creator hath made thee marvelously!

"I see thee child
And all thy scenes,
And yet I fail
To understand their means."

"Child, Mother sees thee

And all that attracts thee

And yet I can not accomplish to attain

The understanding that thou hast gained."

Mother mother!
Be not so dull: peer
To yonder clouds
Both far and near!

Child child!

I am trying to be sharp: peering

Into the heavenly vastness the clouds

Both far and near!

Mother mother!
With ignorance abound: listen
To yonder birds
And other gifts given!

Child child!

Please think me not dumb: listening

To the birds that chirp

The squirrels that scamper…

"I see thee child
And all thy signs,
But tell me child
What's on your mind?"

"Child, Mother sees thee

And all the wonders thou doest behold

Now child tell me

What's on thy mind?"

Mother mother!
With eyes shut tight: attend
To yonder grove
Where wounded mend.

Child child!

You want me to open my heart: attending

You say those herbs of that garden

Give healing to those that need mending.

Mother mother!
With blindness greater than I: see
To yonder world
And what god hath given me!

Child child!

You want me to open my mind: seeing

To yet another world

And what the Creator hast given to thee!

"I see thee child
And thy foolish games,
What be thy message?
Let it be named."

"Child, Mother sees thee

That thou art attempting to know wisdom

What is it you want me to understand

Give me to know."

Mother mother!
With sin abound: repent
To yonder deity
From which I'm sent!

Child child!

I am a sinner you say: forgiveness needed

To confess to the deity

From whence you were sent!

Mother mother!
With sightless child: forth
To yonder pearly gates
And golden forts.

Child child!

Though sight have you not: coming

To gates far in the distant made of pearls

And the forts are golden.

"I see thee lord
In a child's guise,
And I beg thy forgiveness
And now open my eyes."

"I see thee Lord

In the Innocents wisdom and understanding,

And I beg they forgiveness

Open now my mind and heart that they might see."

Cometh ye child, into the gates of heaven…

Cometh beloved, heaven's gates are open wide…

By: Wraith --- By: Connie

Wraith/Muirandrid Endomiel in this writing is a writer that wrote all the Beginning Parts and for the main of where the Child as it were speaks forth (Words penned that begins and to the left justified of the screen) while as Connie/Maisha Mafuriko gives a response as the Mother that is present. (Words in center portion of writing). Wraith, once again you have proved to be an inspiration. You know I love you, my brother, my friend… for with you and in your presence I am given desire to continually be one searching and in a manner peaceful.

Enclosed are some Biblical references that lend themselves to this writing though many other scriptures could certainly be considered, these were the ones considered at this time in passing. (Matthew 18:1-6, Matthew 19:13-15, 1 Kings 3:1-15, Psalms 139:1-24, Psalms 51:7-13, Revelation Chapters 21 and Chapters 22)