Currently, Conciousness

The machine I loved

And knew

In the guise of a woman

My sister

Stood before me,

Internal circuitry aflame and melting

Beyond repair upon the

Intricate and unique parts.

She knew the anguish

I was in,

Watching her systems fail,

Thus she covered her face

While humanity wept

From her features

Exposing dull metal lips

Seen between spindle-fingers

And a sigh with no breath.

We realized, again, who she was

And what she'll never be,


I implored while she lamented

Over the last cycles

The least task

Of tying loose ends

And set away all's done

And then she simply stood.

I gazed into her smoldering eyes,


I set my pistol, trembling

Finally to shut her down

To lay

My girl

To rest.

You never were good at saying 'Goodbye'

And the trigger tripped over-

She gave one last smile

Of the Uncanny Valley-

And imploded- exploded—

Her shell reduced

To metallic dust and hail.

I realize, once more,

What she was,

But what she is now.

Currently, counciousness.