"I can't stand weak people. They don't have no opinion of their own and always fear when they are going to be next attacked. I can't stand such people!" - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

A woman can and will defeat me

It's happened before; I have seen several men fallen before me

Others in servitude, slaves to their desires, falling on one knee

Hi-heeled and full of curves so lovely and divine

The pervert in me says, "Goddamn that bitch is fine!"

The duel is already a handicap, she is fully armed

Desire draws you in, fooling you that you won't be harmed

You both clash swords at times in a fit of rage

The battle ends and you both trap your emotions in a cage

Little do you know that you just gave each other's hearts a sickness

Lock your heart up all you want but another will come and defeat you with this very same weakness