How I Feel

Have you ever felt as if your invisible?

Almost as if people could walk right through?

Being ignored even though you talk?

Your friends, or 'so-called', don't even pay attention?

To be afraid to say something, and when you do,

They just look then walk away from you?

Do they seem to go out of their way to avoid you?

Some days would it be better not to exist?

Do you try to be the same, but are always different?

If you understand how I feel,

Do you think you would acknowledge me?

Your actions make me watch life, not live it.

No jokes, no laughter, no joy, no happiness,

Just sorrow, unhappiness, tears, and silence.

No one cares, they pretend, but don't really.

Can't you see what you are doing?

Banishing me from existence.

I'm invisible to the world.

I'm lost amongst the crowd.

I'm not loud enough.

I'm not tall enough.

I'm not smart enough.

I'm not good at one thing.

I am me,

That's all I can ever be,

And that's not good enough for you.