Jiminy The Balloon

Jiminy fell from the sky to me
With a ticket tied to his leg
He said he'd travelled over the sea
So I took him home for tea and an egg

On Jiminy's face, I drew him two eyes
Then gave him a lovely, smiling mouth
And even at night when the north wind cries
He would tell me of his journey south

Jiminy was always there for me
He was my only friend
He taught me to be just only me
I knew he'd be there with me in the end

My Jiminy would follow me to class
And he'd hover over my head
I think he helped me to pass
Everything in life I dread

Jiminy and I would then go home
We enjoyed watching are favourite cartoon
"Captain Calum And His Castle Of Foam"
It didn't matter to me that Jiminy was only a balloon