Ballad of a Fallen Angel

Light and dark, both intertwined
An endless waltz
They swayed together
And so was born
His ballad of a fallen angel

"You are dark and I am light
Together let's dance this eternity's night."
"I am dark and you are light
We'll always stay within our sight."
And so was born
Her ballad of a fallen angel

"I wish to stay, my dearest, with you
But I'm afraid it will only draw scarlet hue."
"Then stay my dear and continue to heal me
Erase my darkness, let me see."
"I can not for I am
Your ballad of a fallen angel."

"My dear you will die if I stay!"
"I'd give up my life to be with you another day!"
Weep she did knowing his love
Caressing her he whispered,
"My ballad of a fallen angel."

This story of light and dark was lost
Turned to ash and scattered within us all
And so we all carry
Our ballad of a fallen angel


I have to admit, I really like this poem.'s more of a ballad and stuff...but oh well. I hope you enjoyed it!! Thanks for reading!

Skips away, whistling...