By:Cassandra Freiborg 3/1/06

I was in a wreck one winter night,

and awoke to a fearful sight.

Alone in a hospital bed,

filling with immense dread.

The sights I saw still linger keen,

deep within my memories.

The nurse, my mum, they all had wings,

either of a devil prince's black,

or heaven's white kings.

I stared in shock at these hallucinations,

surely it must be the medication.

In a state of shock,

all senses blocked,

I sputtered words that were nonsense,

and made my mom look awfully tense.

You've got wings ma' look over your shoulder,

but this heavy burden settled like a boulder.

None could see these wings I saw,

the hurt that hit me was sharp and raw.

White wings she had sparkiling and true,

the black of a nurse's made me real blue.

I looked over my shoulder,

and felt myself grow colder.

No wings I had, laid there on my back,

what was it then, that I lacked?

Had I not been good in life,

was this truley death or strife?

Or was I alive and in this room,

forseeing my own impending doom?

I wept in my hands, and ran from my bed,

as all these thoughts ran through my head.

What was I to do then if I had no fate,

I must be someone god truley hates.

Such self loathing I felt,

as in the hallway I knelt.

Exhausted I looked up, to see people watching me,

white wings all of them saying "We mock thee"

I cursed heaven and looked at my back,

and humanity I thought, is what I lacked.

To get in a car, drunk and high,
and down that highway I did fly.

Then it hit me, there on that highway road,

I lost my wings in the freezing snow.

When I hit a car and killed us both.