Her World You Break

Thoughts returning to her mind,

Causing her to tremble and shake,

Fear coldly washing over,

Her world that was bound to break,

Her tears frozen to her skin,

Making her wish to die,

Love replaced with blindness,

And tears that will never dry…

She ridiculed him with her friends,

None of them to truly know,

Her inner feelings held inside,

Where she won't let anyone go,

But later on as everything was held in,

Her feelings became unmistaken,

She wanted to talk to him,

But her ego was too shaken…

Pushing away every thought of him,

Forcing her thoughts deeper down,

The tears pushing their way out,

Ego trying hard to not let her drown…

The current growing tenser,

Trying to catch her breath,

Feelings held in weighing on her,

Afraid to drown to death,

She strives to stay above the water,

The pain becoming hard to swallow,

You're pulling her down deeper,

To where she's no longer hollow,

Her insides caving in, falling apart,

You attempt to reach out to her hand,

But when it became too hard you gave up,

Her feelings, her hurt you'll never understand…

Thoughts returning to her mind,

Your image causing her to shake,

Fear of you hurting her,

World that is easy for you to break.