Crimson Fields of Gray

Raining red roses,

In a field of gray,

Feelings falling forever,

Dreams melting away,

Dying demonically, dreadfully,

Fields stained a crimson red,

For feelings forever falling,

But not completely dead…


Calling, crying, cutting,

No one can hear you calling,

Trying to tear tainted tears,

That no one else can see falling,

Loving, losing, longing,

To hold you as you cry,

Waiting, wishing, wanting,

You to never say good-bye…


Recalling reminiscence,

I reach for your hand all the same,

Please, pretending, proceeding,

I'm calling out your name,

Forgetful feelings fail,

The fields cut, bleeding to red,

Tears trying to take time,

Your fields are forever dead…