the lights flashing
caught her attention;
she threw the window open
and was greeted
by a rush of cool air
and the sound of falling rain.
she leaned out
and looked around:
the puddles on the pavement,
the headlights of the cars driving by,
the darkened windows of adjacent rooms.
what is the point of this life?
she wanted to ask the night.
she climbed onto the sill
and let her feet dangle
over the edge,
clutching the window frame fiercely
as she stared at the ground below.
it was only pain out there.
she lowered herself back into
the safety of her room
and sat down in a chair.
she shivered as she grabbed a pen
and a pad of paper
and began to write.
the lightning flickered,
the thunder rattled the windows,
the clock ticked on;
and the question
went unanswered.

TMK 2.26.2006