New York City. October 6, 2005. 2:04 A.M, Eastern Standard Time

Don't forget to bring an umbrella!

My mother said that to me nineteen hours ago, right before I left for school. Ever since I was born, my mother had always been the one to worry about everything. When she reached the age of seventeen at Brookfield High school in London, her life took a nasty turn. A group of three assholes chased her into an alley and raped her. Nine months later, I was born as James William Barker in London, England. My life sucked ever since I emerged out of her in a bloody mess. She raised me all on her own, aside from her parents. A few years passed and I was nine when she met a crazy, old, drunk by the name of Gary. A few more years passed and when I was twelve, my sister and brother were born. Christine only lived a few minutes out of mother, and then her heart collapsed. Jake was the lucky one this time. Because of the loss, Gary left her alone. It seemed things couldn't get any worse.

Boy was I wrong. Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her hair from the chemotherapy, but it's slowly making its way back. My family is torn and broken. Grandpa hates me. I was always considered a condom baby to him. Lisa, my Grandmother was more affectionate. Because of previously being a lawyer, she is filthy rich and helped pay for my high school tuition. Without her, I would be living on the streets.

My friends are awesome, but I'm not like the popular football Captain in this state. We moved from London when my brother was born all the way to the United States, into a little town called New York City. Little...Ha.There I met my best friend for life, Dillon. He introduced me to his friends, unlike anyone else. In time, we all became a group of: Dillon, Calvin, Teri, Ashley, and Kyle. They have been the only ones that treated me like a real person. Not just like a Goth that does their own thing.

Well, here I was standing on the street corner, in the soaking, cold rain. I'm at age seventeen and a lab experiment gone way wrong. I guess people classify me as an outsider or punk, but they don't really know! My appearance though, was quite interesting. Unlike all those wannabes, I am natural. Over the internet, people always put in their profiles 'I have black hair with red streaks and blue eyes'. Hah to them. Take out the red streaks and that's me. At the moment, I looked like a wet rat.

Scaring people was always a fun hobby of mine. To look mysterious to some cool people, I let my raven hair fall over my eyes and just walk around like that. Sure people stare and laugh, but I just say: fuck off to them.

Slipping my hand into my drenched pants pocket, I pulled out my wet cell phone. Great. When I flipped it open, I didn't see a background of a red dragon, but instead, just black. I pressed the keys frantically. Damn, don't die. I pressed more keys, even the power button and nothing happened. Shit. It was dead. Well, this sucks. No phone, no umbrella, and soaking. Perfect.

I looked around the area. Not a single light was on in any building. Only the street lights cured my blindness. About another hour passed and finally the blue bus pulled up at the bus stop. The door opened and I stared up at an old, grungy black man that's hair was tinted grey. "Need a lift?" He asked. Obviously I wasn't going to stand out here. Igave him a small smile and then I draggedmyself into the bus. He chuckled as I figured he watched me slump down on a seat. "Where you goin'?" He asked, letting his Northern accent noticeable again. Desean was his name. DJ for short.

Leaning against the cold window, I let my eyes shut as I barely even talked. "Home."

"You're a good kid, James. A good kid." I heard him say as he began to drive once again. I felt a smile tug at my mouth as the world disappeared in black, and I drifted off to an endless slumber...

You have no idea how crazy this guy makes me! I drew a picture of James. Hehe. Tell me how I did, my first REAL fiction unlike fanfiction.