Travel Alone

Cry a little tear for me,
And let it roll into the ocean,
Bring me back the love you stole,
Of all the treasured, but painful memories,
You took the ones I cared the most,
So you took them far away to me


I can't see anymore,
Fog and mists cloud over,
Leaving me to stand alone,
Leaving me on sandy-shores,
And now our distance only grows,
Now my heart leaps and goes,
To only dive to deeper depths,
And search for you

Pirates have plundered,
And merchants have scorned,
Took me for baggage in their cargo hold,
So many times I cried within,
Hope to see you some day again,
Well, at least I know I'm halfway there

I've seen demons and monsters,
That haunted me between night and day,
Their voices singing of love and death,
Reminding me of what we had,
But you know what, they can't have it,
They just can't take my soul