A week has passed. Several people gather at a cemetery to pay their final respects. The priest went up and said, "It was no one's fault. That is what we must always keep in mind. It wasn't my fault, nor anyone in the family's. It wasn't God's fault, but His will.I know the Roberts family has lost a few others they knew in the past few months, but it was their time. Just as it was, this person we love, it was their time.

We will always keep the memory of Lois in our hearts. If you cannot find any comfort in any of my words, try these words; she's at peace now. And we cannot argue that any and all pain she experienced in our world is now gone. And also keep in mind that she sees all that we are doign for her. Rest in peace, Lois. Rest in peace..."

All at the funeral paid their respects, including Roger and Shane. After they did, Roger pulled shane far aside. He told the young boy. "You can't tell anyone, you know that?" Shane nodded. "So where is she, really?" "She's seen so much pain, but she can take care of herself. I'm not exactly sure where, but somewhere in Australia. That's where I've arranged for her new life. But none of us can ever see her again. Okay?" The young boy nodded again, and looked on at the mourning family.


In Sydney Australia, a young woman with dark black hair and sunglasses walks into her apartment building. She gets her mail. Aside from a few letters, she sees a picture. It shows a young girl , cringing, and slightly blurred next to an older man , staring into the camera, both in a red truck. The young woman takes off her sunglasses and stares at the picture more carefully. "Uncle Roger..." she whispers.

Lois wipes the tear in her eye and puts the picture in her pocket.


Roger is driving back from the funeral, to her apartment, and he has decided to take the faster route, via highway. As his speedometer reaches 66mph, a car-carrying truck, red in color, changes lanes to be in front of him. The truck rattles as it speeds, as do the cars it is carrying. The last car on top is a giant, black, SUV. Roger looks sadly to the side of him, missing his niece.

The black SUV fell off. Roger's eyes widened as he attempted to brake. He reached the pedal, but it didn't help. Pounds of metal smashed directly into his windshield. With the combined momentum of the SUV and the speed of the car, Uncle Roger didn't have a chance in hell of surviving.