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&&&& - before/after the Point of View

/-/-/-/-/ - change of time/scene

The long line – Begin/End chapter

Praeoccupor Morte

1st Person – Deon


I sighed, waiting for Ajeet and Howell to get back. I still felt awful for hitting him. I mean, really. He was just really forgiving and it made me feel worse. I'm sure I wouldn't have felt so bad if he were a dick.

The two of them had to… er… drain the main vein, if you know what I mean. They had me stop at a hotel where they walked inside.

Finally, I saw the two of them mosey on out. "Jeez, what took you so long?!" I snapped, Audrey opening the door for Father Howell. Audrey helped Howell in.

"I'm sorry. It takes a while with my injury."

"… Okay." I said, turning around and leaving it at that.

I waited until everyone was in the car before pulling away.



3rd Person


Hours passed; days, even. They had not yet found another survivor. Where had they all gone?


The black haired stripper blinked, turning his head to the priest next to him. He vaguely remembered Ajeet and the priest switching seats. "What's up?"

"… Might I ask why you are dressed that way? Don't you get cold?"

"'Course I do. I don't have anything else to wear."

"…. But why are you dressed that way?"

"I'm……… a stripper." Deon sighed. How weird. He felt like he was at a confession.

"Oh." Was all Howell said.

"You're not going to tell me I'm a sinner?"

Father Howell laughed. "No, It isn't my place to tell you so. I'm only here to listen not to patronize."

"You're different than other priests I knew growing up."

"Everyone's different, Mr. Rodriguez."

"Dude, just Deon. Please."

"… Okay. …… Dude."

Deon couldn't help but laugh with Howell. It was the first time he had laughed in almost a week now.


"Deon! Deon, wake up!"

Deon slowly opened his eyes to see Audrey, who looked excited. Again… he woke up to find this wasn't a dream. "… What's up with you?"

"A jail!"

"…………… Er… okay…"

"No, a jail means there could be survivors!"

"But most would be felons, wouldn't they? Why save them?"

"Because you should not pass judgment on your fellow man." Father Howell said, almost like he was preaching to Deon. "That is for God, and He alone."

"…………………… Sure. Whatever." Deon said, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Well. I guess we're going in?"

"Of course!" Audrey said, tapping Ajeet's shoulder. The Indian man nodded, pulling into the drive way. They all climbed out of the van after Ajeet parked, Deon looking up at the tall building.

A jail… Is it… safe? How do we know the convicts in there didn't die of starvation already?

Deon sighed, shaking the thoughts out of his head, catching up with the others. They stood at the gate, looking around. Deon blinked, pushing the gate. "It's… open."

"Well, let's go in!" Audrey said, pushing open the gate. She walked through, Ajeet following, Deon and Howell walking in together.

For some reason, Deon felt safer walking with Father Howell. Perhaps because of the whole 'God' thing or maybe it was because Howell was… well… soothing.

Audrey opened the door to the building, all four companions walking in. They did, indeed, see living people.

Some coughing could be heard, a bit of small chatter flowing through the halls. A few convicts in orange jumpsuits where at the bottom floor, most people scattered. A few cops were visible through the halls, as well.

"Something up?" A girl, most likely a college student had none of this happened, walked up to them, blinking. "… You… You're more survivors! Oh! This is great!" She cried, hugging Ajeet around the shoulders. The Indian blinked, putting a hand on her head. "Come with me! I'll take you to the man who's organizing this whole thing!" She said, wiping tears from her eyes.

The foursome (not in a kinky way, sorry XD) followed the girl after exchanging quick glances at each other. They walked up many stairs, Howell stopping abruptly suddenly.

Deon nearly crashed into the priest again, blinking. "Howell?"

"… Why does that man look familiar…?" He said, blinking.

A convict was being escorted from a bathroom to possible a cell. He looked up briefly, catching Deon's eye.


1st Person – Deon


My lips parted slightly as our eyes locked for that brief moment. His dark green eyes seemed to look deep into my silvery-blue ones. He had mahogany hair that was tied in a loose pony tail, his bangs feathering around his eyes. Some of the bangs covered his face and he just tossed his head to get them away before looking back at me.

He was… handsome, stunning… no, those words didn't compare. I felt a sadness when he looked away, his gaze falling on Father Howell.

When this happened, he gasped, stopping as abruptly as Howell had. He broke away from the men. "ALTON!!!!" He shouted, diving at Howell.

Hands grabbed at him, Howell batting them away. "… Robert…" Howell whispered, patting the man's head, which was buried in his stomach. The man, Robert, was kneeling to do so; he was very tall. "… The odds of this meeting are… a billion to one…"

The man tried to hold back a sob, inhaling deeply and Howell got on his knees as well. They faced each other, Howell smiling and hugging Robert.

"COLE!" A man pushed past the crowd, yanking 'Robert' up by the collar. "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK A PRIEST?! WANT ME TO BEAT YOU!?!"

'Robert', 'Cole', whatever his name was glared at the man who suddenly appeared.

"No, he wasn't attacking me!" Howell got to his feet, taking Robert Cole's arm. "We are old friends and he was just happy to see me."

"… I see. I'm sorry." This dude really didn't look it. "My name is Jeremiah Westland."

"I am Father Alton Howell. This is Audrey Worth, Ajeet Dosanjh, and Deon Rodriguez."

"Hello." Audrey said, Ajeet simply bowing.

"Yo." I said, raising my eyebrow at Jeremiah. I glanced at Cole, again unable to look away.

"My name is Robert E. Cole." Cole said, staring right back at me. "Yo, Rodriguez."

"Don't call me by my last name."

"… Fine. Deon."


"……… Why are you dressed like that? You some kind of whore?"

"Why does everyone insist on asking me why I'm dressed this way?" I frowned. "And I'm not a whore! I'm a stripper."

"Same diff." Cole snorted.

"THE HELL IT IS!" I snapped. "I have a strict no touch policy, okay?!"

"… Yeah, okay."

"Tch. Asshole."

"You know it."

And that was my… second impression of Robert E. Cole. The first, if you want to know, was when we locked eyes. He's really hot, but his attitude is equal to his hotness. I hate him… okay, hate is a bit strong. Dislike.

So. Do you like Cole? :3 I do.

And does Robert E. Cole sound familiar? Or does it just have that ring to it?



Preview: Cole and Deon interact more, Deon realizing he might not be as over this as it seems. Howell tells Deon about how he and Cole met, and Deon can NOT believe his ears. Also, why is Jeremiah so uptight around Cole? And what will Deon do when he finds out why Cole is always locked away in his cell?