What Is and Isn't Real

Why didn't you listen?

I told you in the end you'd break,

I told you that they would let you go,

I told you there wasn't much more you could take,

I told you, and told you again,

But you shook your head and shunned me aside,

'Nothing would go wrong' you thought,

But look at who isn't broken inside.

I try not to listen to your reasons,

I can hear you cry,

I'm trying to push the thoughts away,

But the thoughts just won't die,

I can feel what you feel,

And I can think your every thought,

You don't think you can go on,

Because they love you not…

Sometimes the pain gets the best of us,

And you'll think you've lost it all,

You'll hear us calling out your name,

But you'll ignore the call…

One day you'll love again,

You'll make it through another day,

Your crimson inside may bleed and ache,

But once again it'll be okay,

You're suffering now,

And the wound will leave a scar,

Maybe you're better off without them,

They don't define who you really are.

The pain is beginning to cease,

The wound is trying to heal,

This is a song to sing,

That will show you what is and isn't real…