Her hands shivered, from the unwanted touch,
As warmth cascaded through her emotionless body.
She glanced around, hoping to see the light,
It was no longer there, just the darkness coiling around her.

As the obscurity found her, hidden, she fell.
Grasping tightly to the only comfort she had,
Her mind, playing tricks on her again,
She thought he would be there, to break her fall.

Pain and doubt, once again, filled her to the brim.
Her head in a uncontrollable daze, no sense, hands
Reach out, she tried asking for help, did he listen?
Time seemed to fade with every waking moment.

Could he let her fall?

She could remember his eyes, life, so pure,
Her own, tainted with the colour of trepidation,
Fearful of her own performance, she ran, once again,
Tried to escape, stumbling back, freedom, but a step away.

He taunted her with his soft amorous touch,
Ready to embrace, if she tripped? Fell? nothingness.
Playing with her mind, she tried to (escape) his tricks,
He let her fall, with a sneer spread across his tainted lips.

Slowly time seemed to pause, everything so diverse,
The floor so inconvenient, to her impending fall,
Dark, alone, she could feel the cold, the emptiness engulfing her.
Nothing could break her descent, as she felt the sting of being,

The only angel in a dark light.

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