White picket fence
You have no security for her anymore
Paint memories of innocense
On the back of ciggarette packs

Draw blood from the wound to clean it
Wrap it up in masking tape
In hope of masking the pain from those you love
Cuts marked clearly in the journal you burn

Hidden, your eyes from the sky
You secretly start plans to die
Joke on about the grand finale
The knife has your name enscribed

"You make me feel like living again
"Instead of carving a distant heart right in
"I cannot be removed from dismay
"Wishes for destruction my way"

Under the influence of juxtapositions
The contrast of your blacks and whites
Somehow finds itself tragically inverted
Guess at life again, quickly before it ends

Four walls, a roof, and many doors
Matter no more, her face on the floor
Powder residue in lines around pills
A castle in dust surrounds withered wings

As you fly under the stars tonight
Will you taste the tears for those whom you cared?
Climbing the rockface to heaven
With your spirits finally lifted off the ground

An extra star burns its way into view
It will shine forever over the place you lay
A headstone represents your whole life
A newspaper clipping with your name misspelled
It quietly resides there as well