Drain me of my thought
You're quietly dreaming
Peirce my heart with hate
I'm finally bleeding

You have all that you claim you ever wanted
So when will you stop sharpening your claws
Using them to dig deeper into me
Even though I still wear my heart of my sleeve

Empty me of my essence
An angel sawing wood
Under a golden pretense
I never imagined you could...

Transatlantic window-shopped lovers
Strung out, in it together
Nails dug into my skin excluded to passion
Transformed into daily lashings

The give and take of graver mistakes
Clench me by the hair
I'll squeeze your arm bloody
Propel towards evil from fair

Nothing left to redeem you or me
Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes
Two small eyes, tiny little elbows
The sweet sound when his hand slaps the floor

Now we hide the violence behind closed doors
Scar me across the eyes
Mommy's just fallen down the stairs
Daddy's just damaged from work
Nothing's wrong, and it will never be fair