walking down the street like any normal person should
i found my heart breaking though often times correct itself it would
thinking about why i knew my mind would rupture
but that doesn't change the fact that imploding is a factor
when i never think at all so don't look at me with fear
as if i'm crazy or insane 'cause the only person real here worships the inane

laugh out loud and cry at night
things were simple when you didn't come back to fight
the old times are gone and won't ever come back
however remaining in our minds as a simple little fact
that the good days now a rare abnormality
in our heads as simply a sempiternal fatuity

yelling to the sky where the birds nest in air
i find often now that my mind is not always there
i think i know why because there's not much to think about
so i think about that and veer off the more traveled route
to sing with the voiceless and see with the blind
to make the black white and to see the darkness shine

we wished you a happy year and drove into your mailbox
a greeting of formality when one wishes to give a shock
to the mind of normality and simplicity and that which i hate
we jumped through the hedges of your house and past the gate
to greet you with enthusiasm that you had not seen since the days of civility
we cried forever and made the toast to sempiternal fatuity

bitter to the last we stuck tarts on our tongues
to best those of the They that stuck swords through our lungs
and chuckled when the mistress struck a deal with the Devil
we never knew that the master had his hands full with rebels
bothering to run about and make a beauteous mess
we showed them all who was boss and who could beat any test

don't mistake me for a sweet darling girl or your wonderous little dear
i'm the height of society and the psyche at which you leered
i'm the special case of complexity and the mystery of delirium
the castrating beast that bows and prays to only the rare and gorgeous dysprosium
and though i can be at times the epitome of difformity
i'll always come back to the wonderous ways of sempiternal fatuity