Cliff diving off a candelabrum

Must be the best sport of all

To a renegade drop of wax

To seek, to find, and of course to thrill

I rewrote Tennyson, whoops, maybe it will

One day be the footnote of an English textbook

I doubt I'll have time for writing when

Life's game of tag is catching up

I hope I wont be IT soon

So I'll run and I'll jump play, and

Cartwheel over anthills

Its not too hard to climb

And I'll laugh all the way through

To mountain and to lake

Earth and sky I will go

And put my two cents in the beggar's cup

Until I get a single seizure of pleasure

From all the life I want to live

There will be a toast at my funeral for my daringness

Are you bold enough to say

That there will be no cloud

No rain, no storm, you will not dance through

Go on and try it. See how happy you are

Cliff diving off a candelabrum

For a renegade wax drop is

Just as exciting as

Always being the one to smile.