I felt

The fine sand grains

Of my soul

Slip through my fingers

Into oblivion.

It was a quick vanishing

A blink



What could I do


Wait for it to come back

Back to me

Where it belonged.

Blown away by the winds

Of life

The cold cutting winds

Which had shattered

So much of me

So long ago…

What could I do

But wait for it

To come back – back to me.

My baby I cried out,

My precious, my everything

But my soul didn't return

Which was alright

(I wasn't calling for



But what I called for

Looked at me

And smiled a sweet, sweet smile

And if my soul had been in my grasp

At that point –

I surely would have lost it again

Such a sweet sweet smile

It was.

And when that disappeared,


What could I do

But wait for it to come


Come back

Back… back to me.