Note: This is a character observation exercise we did for my Creative Fiction Writing class. We needed to develop to describe a character through the setting. Can you guess what the character is?

"Welcome to our home!" That's what they all said, with their smiles pasted on for good measure. Especially the daughters, the two teenage daughters – for some reason, there was always two, forced by courtesy to offer entry into their rooms whenever David needed something. Anything! Just ask.

Why would he want to go in their rooms, anyway? Those boxes, painted always an awful off-white hue, the collection of Hollywood hunks hanging from every possible space. When the walls offered no more solace, the ceiling had to make due.

No, David didn't need their false pity. He always found a place in the many houses he'd been to that offered more compassion and peace than the very people within it. A space under the kitchen sink, a hidden compartment in the basement, a small coat closet where no one could find him.

That was this eleven-year-old's routine for the last three years – another month, another house, another family full of false grins, and another place to hide from his cold, harsh reality. Sometimes he missed his mother.

Answer: a foster child.

Did you get the answer? If not, that means my writing is flawed! Let me know why you couldn't guess the character, if you can. It will help me develop my writing, as well as help clear things up for you in the future. Thanks.