Wilt.. My Heart


It can no longer ease the pain,

This droplet of dew upon velvet red,

Gently lingering, yet with lost chains,

Invisible are the budding words unsaid.


The sweet murmurs, remembering

When there was laughter and smiles.

Even though distance was daunting,

A single emotion passed all miles

To reach that sky above you,

Where the blossom of flowers hold

Simple feelings sincere and true,

Shown upon the wind, not told.


Lurid petals, dripping of colour

And fading slowly like lies.

Brimming with tears, no other,

As it disappears with time.


It was once belief, and faith

Spinning this prayer for fate.


Yet, reality unveils the dark

Where dreams bloom and vanish,

Where roses crumple into dust,

Wilting, like my heart.


February 30, 2006


A/N: dont worry, i will heal, with time... just learn to embrace heartbreak.