Temptress, tempting the common wealth

pay her well

and she will dance

(for thee)

times three -

she had a prophecy once

a commotion so loud in her heart that it stilled the beat

of wind (crashing) through the center of ideals,

a lesser (leg.)

You - who - staged yourself quite well.

Wishes are like time

rotted from an organic decay,

I have a chip in my curve to keep them whole -

and when I reach my tongue

deep inside

my jitter bug thoughts

I can't help but twinkle

two step

times three

(for thee)

like a sandpaper vision (is your dream?)

and I the mirage

one kiss

to drip

like the sweetest honey (of





r) to melt

across lips so dry they flake straight lines,

curled -

another wish

to dish my gossip across those dry lips

(of thee)

I have a space deep inside

where I kneel and mourn us

light a candle

to ramble my thoughts through the wax;

it's drip



onto the wasteland (for thee)

such simple spinning words -


to break the skin (a quick wandering within)



(remember me?)

Tell me again, who is it that I love,

speak a name

(gibberish to go with my jitter bug)

that has no meaning with me.

Pull your identity out of a hat,

a business card

advertising love

(for thee;

and some for me too!)

A name is a word

like animal

or liar

or saint;


saint I ain't

just a temptress, tempting the common wealth.