Once in a little town called Poland, Ohio there was a group of friends. When they were preparing for the state test the teacher was telling them what to expect they were not afraid at all until they heard the test creators tried to trick the students into the wrong answer they thought this was wrong how they could do that it was very unfair. They went home and got to bed right away they tried to follow all the steps there teacher told them but they were just so scared that they would fall for the tricks of the creators so they were very scared. The next morning they all woke up and ate a large breakfast as there teacher told them to do. They didn't understand how that helped because as soon as the test was past out they would forget about what they ate and become very nervous. They were so nervous they missed the questions they would usually know, but they were so nervous that they forgot everything they had practiced. A couple months later when they received the scores of the test they found out that they did miss so many that they would not be put in the class that they really should have been in. The whole year they had had good grades but because of the test it did not matter.