Why was he doing this?
As the battle cry of my people was heard, Herakles turned to me, his eyes blazing.
"Witch!" he spat, anger contorting his handsome features.
I was bewildered. I did not know why my people, my sisters, my Amazons attacked Herakles and his men. I had given the girdle, and everything was going well until-
He wrapped his huge hands around my throat and shook me. Waves of pain engulfed me, and I scrabbled for my sword, knowing my efforts were futile.
Herakles kept shaking me, obscenities pouring fast from his mouth. I began to see spots dancing, and the metallic taste of blood filled my mouth.
Tightening his grip even more, he ignored the battle around him. I heard the grutns of his men and the shrieks of my sisters.
So many I knew died that day.
He released one hand to strike me across my face, and I lost the ability to breathe. Herakles replaces the hand back around my throat and squeezes with all his might.
A burst of light appeared before my eyes, and then the world was no more.