Don't act like you care

Don't lead me into your lies

Don't say things you don't mean


"I want to be with you"

-That's bullshit!

"I care about you"

-You Liar!

"I love you"

-Just Shut up!

Don't let me hear those lies

Don't show me your fake smile

Don't pretend like I don't know


"I want this to last"

-That's bullshit!

"We're meant to be"

-You liar!

"Let's work things out"

-Just shut up!

Don't give me your stupid excuses

Don't try to cheer me up

Don't call me names that mean nothing


"I promise you forever"

-That's bullshit!

"It's just the two of us"

-You liar!

"You're everything to me"

-Just shut up!

Don't hide the dishonesty

Don't fake the happiness

Don't cry when you don't mean it


Why do I have to keep repeating it?

I told you to stop it

Stop all of this

I'm sick of listening

To these false sentences

It's pointless