Betrayed Heart

Sweet words were spoken

Slowly it started to open

Each day like a new flower bloomed

Little did it know, it will be doomed

Every passing hour, it grew

Letting there be room for two

Not knowing the darkness approaching

Only seeing the beauty spreading

Blinded by the words

"I love you" it heard

Caring only about its feelings

Jumping for joy higher than the ceiling

Nothing else mattered

Eventually it was getting battered

Feeling the pain, it began to react

Telling itself, I'm not going back

Confused with many questions

Lost in a web of tension

Having nowhere to run

It broke away from emotions until it had none

Never expecting this to happen

Coming all of a sudden

Quickly getting rid of every memory

It was certainly necessary

Remembering it should always be alert

Or else later it will get hurt

Finally taking some charge

Even though it was hard

Slowly healing from the sorrow

Looking towards a new tomorrow

Rising from a painful fall

Not forgetting any of it at all