"Thank you for coming Lady Trisha." The noble man said. I fidgeted, uncomfortable. What use could a noble and an accomplished battle mage have for me? "I assume you are wondering why you are here, yes?" I nodded. "You have been brought here because I will be going on a journey, a task given to me by our Lord King. Along the way I will likely need a healer. You have shown great promise and skill. You served along the wall during last year's battle, did you not?" I nodded again. "That was a gruesome battle that required the most skilled healers. It is rare that one as young as yourself would have served, but there you were. I believe that you will be able to fulfill the need I have."

The man stopped talking, apparently waiting for me, but I knew not what to say. "Many healers were needed that day…" I finally said, attempting to fill the silence. "There are others more skilled than I."

"So there are. But I am going on a long and tiring journey. An elder could not make even half the trip I am making, but you are young. You will be fine."

I was curious, but wary. "What kind of journey are you talking about?" I could feel my inner strength growing again, rising over the discomfort and general awe of his palace quarters. "I will need to know the all the dangers of this journey. Where are we going? Why are we going there? Will there be anyone besides the two of us, because if not, that seems extremely foolish. Will I be compensated for my time away from the Temple?" I had more questions, but realized that I was asking too many questions and behaving like a child. I was rambling, a consistent problem in me.

"Do not worry Lady Trisha. I shall explain everything to you in the greatest amount of detail I can give you. I merely wanted to give you a short summary, in case the basic idea itself was unpleasant to you." He smiled, but I wasn't sure what to make of it. Neither friendly nor happy, yet it was not cruel either. A smile just to smile.

"You shall be paid three times the pay you receive at your Temple, of course." He started, and I started, despite my best efforts to pretend I could conduct my own business in a calm and controlled manor. Sir Kagen smiled again, this time truly, but then his face hardened. "But I must warn you. This will be a very dangerous journey. We will first travel across the Pristine Sea to Raltey Harbor. From there we will travel Northeast through the Dark Forest until we cross into the mountains."

I started again, this time not even trying to hide my surprise. Nobody came back from the mountains beyond Dark Forest alive. "I trust you now see the danger." He said. I nodded, my mind racing. Why would anyone willingly go to the dark mountains? "There is a monster there who is poisoning our world and our people. There is only one person in all of our kingdom who is capable of stopping him, and our job is to bring him there, safe from harm. No party will be able to make the journey without a healer."

Sir Kagan stopped talking again, and watched me, brown eyes centered on my own blue ones. "Who else will be going with us?" I asked slowly, matching his gaze.

"You are the first that I have spoken with. In three days time, I will begin traveling to find the others. If you agree to join this quest, you will come with me as well. In Goldendale there is a Soldier Eagle Class. In Iqbal, there is a Wind Mage. There is a gladiator in the arena near the Palace who I hope will join our quest as well. In the Palace is Prince Nicholas the Second. He is the one we are to protect."

"We are sending a child to fight a monster!?" I was horrified. And with protection like us? You have chose to protect a Prince with two mages, a healer, one soldier and a gladiator? Are you a fool?" My voice had risen and I was now standing, hands clenched at my side.

"Sit down, Lady Trisha." Sir Kagan demanded. I stayed standing, fuming at the arrogance and stupidity of this noble. "Sit down." he commanded again, this time standing directly in front of me, far to close for comfort. Yet except for the trembling in my limbs and heart, I did not move. His eyes squinted, but he did not command me again. His voice soft yet barely controlled, he whispered "We cannot afford to take a large group with us. The Prince will be traveling as a commoner and another group will be sent as bait. A large group would be suspicious, not to mention that we would make horrid time and starve in the forest. Is that reason enough for you?"

I had no reply for him. No, it wasn't enough, but only because I was angry. His reasoning was solid, yet I still hated the idea. I sat down, yet did not speak.

"Lady Trisha" he said after a moment, his voice controlled again. "I understand that this is a very dangerous task that will not, and cannot, occur under the most desirable conditions. However, I implore you to think deeply about the choice at hand. You were selected for this task over every mage in the Kingdom, and for a task as dangerous as this, we will surely need a healer at some time. You need not decide today. When you leave, my servant will give you a document which will explain every detail of this mission that I know. I ask that I have your reply within two days time so that I may make the necessary arrangements. Thank you for your time my Lady."

He kissed my hand and whisked out of the room, leaving me sitting in a grand white chair, my head spinning with information and conflicting thoughts. "Lady Trisha?" A worried looking servant had come into the room and was now standing beside me.

"Don't worry, I am merely letting my mind wander." I said and flashed him a weak smile, much like the first smile Sir Kagan had given me. Perhaps his quest at hand and the knowledge of all that it entailed was the reason his smiles had no heart. "Did you have something for me?" I asked the servant.

"Yes, my Lady." He handed me the parchment and I read it immediately, but it did not say much more than Sir Kagan had told me, only adding on details like the age of the Prince and some information about gangs and animals we might come across on our journey. I thought about my place at the Temple. I enjoyed healing, and while I was highly ranked, I knew that there were others who could easily replace me. There were no impending battles, and so there would be little need for some of my deeper knowledge.

Yet if I went with Sir Kagan and the small band he was going to put together, I would surely be needed. I would be earning my place and after all, he had sought me out personally. A large part of me wanted to stay here and heal the scraps and bruises of the children who came to me, yet another part of only repeated over and over Your Kingdom and your people need you…You can help save them.

I turned and saw that the servant was now standing by the door. "Will you deliver a message to Sir Kagan for me?" I asked.

"Of course, my Lady." He replied, light blue eyes meeting my own. A smile played on my lips; a crush. How sweet. And he'd only just met me.

"Tell Sir Kagan that I will go with him please." I said, and walked out the door. To bad the time was not right with the boy. He was attractive.


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