Sometimes when I am brushing my teeth I look up from the sink

and the angle of my cheekbone to my dark eyes strikes me

as beautiful. I wear the in-crowd jeans and say the right things, but I am

Not like those straight-haired girls who drape themselves

Over human chairs and giggle and smile flirtatiously. I throw my head

Back, laugh at my own jokes, and shout the colors of my stories. And also, I

Don't understand the female tango of eyeliner and high heels and

hard-to-get. I throw my arms around the nearest victim of my love and I often

dance at the grocery store. I don't kiss and cry at movies, I am captivated by the

Art on the screen in front of me, by the never-ending stories of straight-haired

Love without real-life heartbreaks, and by the lessons learned like

My favorite- I am a Katy and your girl is lovely, Hubble.