My eyes open to feel the warmth

Light from the window, opened wide,

Your arms wrapped around my thin body and I watch your freckles do a dance.

Simple thoughts are forgetting to smile for your blonde hair on my new pillow.

Blonde or brown or red or black – it's all the same to me, just whoever I chose tonight.

Your skin smells the same as a thousand dreams would imagine it, and I love the feeling of it against my back and my side, my neck, my hair.

You are so unaware of this fact but I hate it as much as they do.

Look close, of course, and this bed is as cold as those nights we didn't play in the snow –

Though I thought we did, as always.

Eyes stare all around, but no one is here to make the noise I want to hear.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you didn't have one for me.

A distant memory's time away will come flooding back like it always does, and I won't be here to answer it.

These white sheets are not as I imagined them to be, they are just as lonely as the ones before them.