Take the keys and rip apart the world I know,
the world we know,
shined and blessed with never-best.
Everyone's a secret I won't tell.
I'll never tell
as I'm running down the path of hopelessness.
Why dream if it's a nightmare?
Why scream if no one's listening?
To you, I'm still the imaginary postcard hidden in the door.
Read me and know me and burn me when you're done.
I'm just another hopeless dream
doomed to be alone and fall to pieces.
How many bridges will it take until this ends?
How long do I have?
Choruses with better tunes will drown me out,
all washed out,
along and left to wander.
This house will never be a home.
Am I the beaten?
This life is beating up the shadows that I'm a part of still.
Get me out of this mess.
I'll never be this wish.
I'm only just The Hopeless.