The worst is yet to come

When you thought you had hit rock bottom

But you just kept on falling

When you had said that you were climbing

But you keep on slipping

Nothing lasts forever so why does now seem so long

Every second is dragged out for longer

Forever doesn't seem that far away

Though death never seemed so bad

Running away from my problems has become too tough

Maybe dealing with them now wont be enough

Saving someone seems to be easier

Than stopping this downwards spiral I have entered

Without meaning to I must have tripped or slipped

Because im not sure how I ended up here

When you have ended up with nothing

Even when you started out with everything

When you can't hold onto anything

Even though you keep your hand tightly closed

Dreams turn to nightmares

As the day turns to night

Something seems real, nothing seems right

I can help other people I can barely help myself

The advice im given is useless

But my heart still bleeds all of every night

I fake my smiles and try to kid myself into laughing

Last night was so taunting the day just seemed to drag on

I watched the second hand moving slowly but nothing moved the hours on

When you thought nothing could get worse

But it just has

When you thought you were past the worst

It comes straight back again