Iodine, so sweet when swallowed.
It's the next best thing since man's best friend
where you'll never be alone, not anymore.
Maybe I'm anxious or maybe I'm just scared,
or maybe I'll be scarred.
Eternity is fine with me
but never-better's worse than all.
But I don't want to die this way, so I guess I'll just pretend
before the iodine becomes my friend.
So if you've got nothing and you feel sorry,
just think up another story
of horror ties and tales to chill your spine.
And maybe I'm not good enough to prove we'll be okay
but maybe it's just in a state of mind.
We're one of a kind with our frowns
and the will to look up but never down
as we wonder if someday our day will end.
And maybe it is worth it
but you should hold onto your pride
as long as I can hold onto mine
and together, we'll make enemies.
Come to me and I'll come to you
as we cry our eyes out at a drowning moon.
Tears so sweet, no, it's just iodine.
But what could you expect?
No, my day isn't over yet.
So hold onto my hand and we'll pretend that it's okay
as we're dying on the inside of imaginary morning
and we won't mind as another broken moment dies.
It's all we want and all that we expected.