Chapter 2:

Jewel walked up to the table the girls snagged front and center yet again because of Crystal's connections. She knew the band, which didn't surprise the girls but left them wondering how Crystal got around so much.

"So which one is it?" Crystal begged her friend for the juice she had been waiting to hear ever since that morning. The only thing she really knew was that everyone in the band was like best friends. She only hung out with Naomi who spent most of her time avoiding her brother.

"Silas, the lead singer." Naomi said smiling from ear to ear. It was hard to believe she was dating him, but he was perfect and he was hers. The only thing that sucked was that he was her brother's best friend.

"Lana, you can stop drooling now," VC said trying to figure out where her friend was staring. She didn't see what was so great about the band. They weren't as hot as they seemed, but they had both of her friends hypnotized.

"I would but he just took his shirt off…" Lana mumbled taking her eyes off of the man behind the drums. He was the type of man to make any girl swoon. He had a rock hard body and perfect rhythm.

Jewel nodded in agreement. She was waving to the man in the shadows, the one bassist of the group. He was tall dark and handsome, in that bad boy sort of way. She couldn't hide her excitement as he winked at her.

"Well I know what's happening after the show…" VC complained. "I refuse to go home alone and I'm not going home with one of those losers."

"Good for you sis!" Crystal said hinting that she knew more than she was saying. She grinned at Naomi, who was silent when they started to talk about her brother. As much as girl talk about her brother made her want to gag, she loved sabotaging his life.

"Crystal, if you had to go to the bathroom all you had to do was say so." VC said as she stood up from her chair and dragged her sister into the girl's bathroom. She couldn't believe that her sister would keep something from her.

"Jensen is Blondie's ex-boyfriend. He's Naomi's brother. And now he's Lana's little drummer boy. And to think ya'll were just starting to get along again."

"Keep you mouth shut! It's not like we'll ever see this band again, right?"

"Wrong! They are defending champs of battle of the bands and Matt will prob have you guys move to L.A. to get a fan base out there. The truth is you'll probably be seeing a lot of that band." Crystal smirked at the little coincidence. It was funny. She loved drama and she was sure to get her fill.

VC just smiled at her sister trying to figure out what she should do. Lana is a big girl she can do as she wants. Even if that did mean problems for the band, but they survived without Blondie before, they sure as hell can do it again.

"Sounds like the band just stopped. Joker is really good… He's a good guy. Don't let Lana know please. She's your friend… She deserves to be happy. Naomi has even calmed down." Crystal said hoping that things would turn out exactly how she planned. The best music comes from troubled times, especially when your name is Blondie.

"I'm going to kill you little girl, if this screw things over… I'm going to kill you." VC said inching closer.

Jewel ran into the bathroom. "He gave me his number. Shane with his cute little goatee gave ME his number, can you believe it! Too bad he had to leave right away. They have a gig tomorrow in Vegas!"

"That's too bad… You'll never see him again." VC said hiding her sarcasm.

"That's where you are wrong. Jewel got herself invited to their underground show for their closest friends as his personal date." Lana said walking into the bathroom. She put an arm around each one of her friends and smiled. It was a lot of fun and she didn't give any guys her phone number.

"What about little drummer boy?" Crystal said as her eyes grew with anticipation. She definitely was trouble, but that's how she liked it.

"Little drummer boy," Lana laughed. "He grabbed Naomi who was talking to the bartender and cursed her out of the club. Apparently seventeen year old girls aren't supposed to drink alcohol."

"Awe… Well Jewel can bring you cant she?" Crystal wondered. She always wanted Lana to land a hot guy. Besides Blondie never deserved all the diamonds, candy, and roses anyways. She just laughed at it all.

"It's invite only. That means only I can go." Jewel squealed with excitement. She was boy crazy and that was one boy to go crazy for. She laughed at her own excitement. Then handed the car keys to Crystal.

"Yeah, you guys have a long day in front of you. Matt said he wants to meet with each one of you individually." Crystal said as she escorted the three girls to the car.

"Don't you think that's a little creepy…? Like he might try something?" VC asked still suspicious of the blonde producer man.

"I'm ok with that." Jewel joked as she hit her head getting into the back seat. All the girls laughed at her. They all joked the ride home.

The next morning Blondie was the first to meet with Matt at his downtown studio. She walked in trying to smile even though it was hard. She hadn't tried singing ever since she and Jensen had broken up. She couldn't write music, it would all be depressing and dark.

"I know how you're feeling. Break ups are always tough, especially when you really got into the relationship. However that's where you're best music comes from. I just want to hear you play, that's all. In order to help you improve, I have to know where to begin." Matt said as he looked up from the paper he was writing on. He was working on his own music before she walked in. He stood up and greeted her pulling out a chair for her to sit down on.

"Great!" Blondie said as he pulled her guitar up to her body. "I don't have anything original to play, is that okay?"

"Play what you know; we can always work on original material later." Matt said as he got up and grabbed a glass of water. He sat down with a new pad of paper and a red pen. He a color for each girl, red was the symbol of Blondie.

Blondie played "One way or another" by Blondie. It was her trademark song; it was who she was named after, after all. She was nervous as she watched him jot down what seemed like a million notes.

"Not bad, you need some improvements, but I think I can work with it."

"Just for the record, we don't really need your help."

"You say that now."

"You sure are cocky."

"Yeah I know. But then again I have good reason to be. I'm good. Why should I have to hide it? When you get good you can be cocky too."

"For the record…"

"You don't have to like me. In fact you probably won't like any men for awhile… You can blame Jensen for that. While you're at it, thank him for the great music you'll create because of him."

"I'm not going to write another stupid sad love song."

"But it's because of him you feel that way. I know how it goes. I was dumped by them too, for Billy at that."


"Send in VC when you leave."

"Whatever…" Blondie said as she walked out of the room. She was already irritated by him. She was just happy to get out of that room. She motioned for VC to go.

Things went fast with VC, Lana, and Jewel. They all sang one of their original songs and compromised with everything he had to say, which wasn't much. He would have more to say when they started writing songs later on.

"So when do you want to meet with all of them and write new songs?" Crystal said storming in after all the other girls have left.

"Don't you knock?" Matt said as he said behind his Keyboard. He rolled his eyes as he started to play a slow melody. It was a song he had written about falling in love for the first time.

"No…" Crystal paused for a moment and listened to the music. "That's really pretty."

"It's too bad I can't relate to the song."

"What do you mean?" Crystal asked as she walked over and sat down next to him ignoring the look he gave her. She didn't care whether or not he wanted her there.

"I can't say I have ever honestly been in love. I have been in lust and like, but never love. This is written by one of my other clients."

"Oh. Anyways about Hot Lips?"

"They need a lot of work."

"Well, they haven't had any new music since sixth grade."


"So we should get started ASAP right?"

"Wrong… I'm booked with helping my other client with his finals. He has to produce his own song and he has never really written anything before."

"Well then why did you meet with them today?"

"Because it was the only day I have free."

"Right… I'll leave you alone. The song is good but the second verse should be changed… Fireworks happen at the end… That's when you know you're in love."

"Thanks for the memo… Tell the girls to try to write their own material… we start next Saturday."

"Fine." Crystal looked at him as she walked out. How could someone like Matt never have been in love before? It shouldn't be a problem for him to get a girlfriend. Plus it was hard to believe it wasn't written by his own hands. There just might be a project for her inside of all this after all.