A/N: An essay that I wrote for an autobiographical essay for my English class. I earned a 49 out of 50 and an Excellent on it. -smiles- I just want your opinion on it instead of the teacher.

Younger siblings can be quite a pain...literally....

The So Call Fight

If you have a younger sibling, then this scenario might be familiar. The time was during summar. My brother, Danny, had gone to a friend's house and I had, finally, managed to get on the computer. I couldn't get on with Danny in the house so I was quite glad he was gone.

I had been playing for a couple of hours on the computer, surfing the net, when I heard the door open. I knew instantly that my brother had come back. Usually, when Danny's home, I would let him play since he's the youngest. However, this time, I was in the middle of typing a chapter of a story and I didn't want to lose my train of thought. So I kept typing, trying to finish the chapter, which was sort of short.

I heard the door of my parents' room creak open and slam closed as Danny came storming in. He had an air of anger about him so I knew something was wrong.

"My turn!" he yelled angrily.

I knew that something had happened on the way home. My brother may not be the most friendly of people, but even he would be nice enough to greet me by saying hi to me. I kept typing while saying, "Hold on a minute." in a soft tone of voice.

"My turn!" he repeated, stressing the 'my'.

I kept typing while listening to a Japanese song call Byakuya which was turned up quite loud. I knew it was a bad idea to ignore him when he was angry but I was slowly losing my thoughts on the story chapter so I sped up my typing, trying to finish the last paragraph so my impatient brother could play.

"Come on!" Danny growled.

"Hold on." I replied calmly. "Last sentence."

"No! It's my turn!"

Before I knew it, my brother had pushed me off the chair and as I fell, my leg banged against the chair's armrest and I winced as a shot of pain rose up my leg. It seemed forever until I hit the ground. However, luckily, I fell backwards on the bed so I didn't have any other major bruises.

When I got up from the bed, I noticed Danny closing the windows on the computer, including chapter one. I groaned. I didn't save it so I had to rewrite it all over again. Hopefully I remembered what I wrote. I began mumbling something inaudible.

"What?" I heard Danny say.

"Nothing." I lied.

Suddenly the phone rang. I was too preoccupied by my own thoughts to hear it. Only when Danny insisted did I pick it up.

"Hello?" I said dully. I began writing something on a piece of paper.

"Hey! It's me!"

I rolled my eyes at the tone of voice that I knew anywhere as she always call me. Destiny began talking about something when I remember the fight in my head. Before she could lose herself in her rambling, I quickly interrupted.

"Hey Des."


"Remind me to let Dan play on the computer once he gets home."


"Just remembered something from earlier."