This is just a fun story that I'm writing. Some of the chapters are in Angela's POV (the parts in italtics) and the others are in Mark's POV (the parts in bold). And yes, I am a vegetarian :) I'm also Australian so some of the language might be rather odd. Please review and I don't mind constructive criticism either, ta!

The Adventures of an Ordinary Vegetarian

Watch out for a Ute, that's what he said. Watch out for a white one, that's what he said. He made it sound so easy on the phone.

Angela sighed as she watched the endless stream of white Utes drive past. She had always thought it was a myth, the whole Ute-bush thing. Evidently it wasn't. Maybe there was a rodeo. Bush people like rodeos right?

Through the billowing dust cloud from the trail of white Utesshe could seea faded sign welcoming visitors to the town. 'Welcome to Bimbulah – A Town of Prosperity' it read, but 'Prosperity' had been long ago crossed out and under it was scrawled 'Beef and Beer'.

Angela looked down at her watch and saw that her cousin Mark was now ten minutes late. Mark was from her Dad's side, the country side, and he was now running late for the first time that had caught up since Angela believed in the Tooth Fairy and Co. And that was a long while ago.

Hearing a beep, Angela looked up and saw a white Ute stop near her. Mark sat inside, and as she reached the window, he leaned out and tipped his Akubra.