The dim light displayed a small room, several corners covered in cobwebs. Boxes were piled into a corner, most of them labeled "This side up." They, unlike the rest of the objects in the room, were hardly covered by dust. And amongst all the disarray was a little girl. She sat upon the wooden floor, playing with a small toy horse. Beside her was a little boy, patiently looking on as the girl continued talking in her high-pitched voice.

"And her name is Natalie, and she lives in the mountains with all the other wild horsies. Isn't she pretty?" The little boy nodded, and as his head bobbed up and down a peculiarity was made known; there were two small horns on his head. The girl smiled, and handed the boy the horse.

Suddenly the door opened, and the room was thrown into the blindingly bright light.

"There you are! Don't run off like that Rose!" A young woman scurried in, scooping up the little girl as the boy disappeared.

"I was only playing with my friend Mommy."

"Well, I'm sure your friend would be more comfortable downstairs in the living room." The woman quickly grabbed the toy horse on the floor, then walked out, shutting the door on the now empty room.