Can you see my tears falling?
I've shed them for you so that you would be happy
Disappointment still lingers here in my heart
My affections are slowly growing stronger

I'm lost
Won't you come here and find me?
I'm broken
Won't you come here and fix me up?

Can you hear my soft breaths?
I've stopped them for you so that you could be happy
Unattach them, my strings, and finally set me free
I've danced enough for you, played the part you wanted me to

I'm weak
Won't you come here and help me?
I'm hurt
Won't you come here and heal me?

I'm shattered, I've fallen
My broken dreams and you broken promises
I've had enough
I'm sick of it
Sick of trying to get away

So get out...
Get out...
Get out...
Get out of my head

So I cry, and I cry, and I cry
So I'll cry, and cry, and cry
Until you finally see
Until I'm finally free

So won't you stop trying to save the world
With me as your little puppet
And won't you look down... at me...
And finally see... me...

Won't you finally set me free?
Stop saving the world
And start saving me...