Think about it
Maybe we'll just shrug it off someday
Maybe we won't even think about it
Or remember how everything was

It's such a shame that we had to let go
It was special but it was hurting us both
I guess you did the right thing
When you finally dumped me

Oh, and yes, it hurt
And I'm still feeling bitter
However, I understand your meaning
It was just for the best

I still remember everything
But I know I'll get over you
Someday, some way
I know I'll finally be set free

It's such a waste to let it all go
It was great while it lasted but it was killing us both
I guess you said the right words
When you said you don't love me


I know I'll be okay, someday
Just wait
And maybe we could still be friends
Such a cliché but hey
It wouldn't hurt anyway

We'll be okay, someday
Things will end up fine
We'll say, come what may
Everything will be all right


Oh, it still hurts
But I know I'll get better
No matter, I'll still be right behind
If you need me, I'm here
I'll be fine