Cuncta fluunt

A solitary star is keeping watch in the sky,
and from afar I hear the soft,
melodious calls of wild geese,
an invisible farewell.

These are the same trees,
black, sleeping shadows,
which last year lined the sky with silent grace.
Winter is so different without you.

The dying day beds down the fields
in peaceful quilts of light grey cotton mist,
blurs the cold white hoarfrost on the ground.
Raindrops are trickling here and there from leafless boughs.

Everywhere around me
I feel the resting world breathe,
everywhere around me, with wistful gratitude,
I feel you.

My heart grows soft and still,
remembers bygone beauty.
My heart grows soft and still,
perhaps it has learned to accept:

Everything changes.


A/N: "Cuncta fluunt", taken from the Latin writer Ovid's Metamorphoses (i.e. tales of transformation) means "Everything changes".