By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on one particular night,
Under the glow of moonlight,
In which formed a new love--
One which would always be for two doves
Each and every night.

Jessie Corbin was working
At a local Burger King.
Wendy Lincoln was on her way
Home from work on that day--
From the newspaper where she was working.

One night,
Under the glow of moonlight,
The two had left their jobs
And go hob-nob
At some party going on that night.

Then suddenly,
While they were each about to buy a Pepsi,
Jessie and Wendy had looked into each other's eyes
And asked themselves,"Why
Did it take now for us to fall in love so suddenly?"

Since then,Wendy had became someone special.
Wendy had became Jessie's girl.
Then one day,he had gotten down on one knee
And asked her,"Will you marry me?"
"Yes.",answered Wendy,as she had felt more special.

Ever since,Wendy's good news was never something to hide,
For she had became Jessie's loving bride.
And still,Wendy was someone special.
Wendy was still Jessie's girl.
Correction:Wendy had became more than Jessie's girl,
And more than his wife.
Wendy had became his life,
His pearl,
His pride.

Jessie still loves his pearl,
For Wendy would always be Jessie's girl.