I know You've heard this a thousand times,

Because that's how much I've said it.

I always commit these sinful crimes,

And then I always regret it.

For some stupid reason, I did it again:

This deed that I'd promised was through.

I don't know why I keep wanting to sin,

But I keep on hurting You.

Transgression gives only a fleeting pleasure,

Quickly replaced by death.

And with it I forfiet the greater treasure;

Sin is my very breath.

Then when it's all done, I feel so ashamed

That I've sinned against You once more.

I did the wrong, but it's You who was blamed,

And I know it's the sin you deplore.

But this is the most astounding:

I just ask, and You forgive.

I still feel Your love abounding,

And now I can truly live.

It's not an excuse to keep sinning

In spite of Your unedning grace;

But another new, clean beginning,

Each time I mess up in this race.