There you stand:

So close to me-

Yet so far,

For between us lies the dark chasm of time.

You are dead,

And I alive,

Yet we are not so different.

Where there is only bone

There once was flesh;

Where there is an empty hollow

There once was a brain.

Your eyes once gazed upon the land

I now call my home,

And we both basked beneath

The glows of the heavenly orbs.

But it is not by the blood

That ran in your vessels

Which makes me watch you with this fondness:

As my race now rules this world

So were you kings of yours.

Beneath your stormy stares

The animals trembled in fear,

For you were mighty mountains of power;

Cold and loving,

Cruel and kind.

The earth knew

The rumbles of your gaits,

And the wind wailed in answer

To those rugged and soft calls.

Yet, you fell.

Your stone thrones crumbled,

A monarchy of millennia

Swept away by the hand of Fate.

From the ashes came new life,

But the kings of old

Did not arise,

And so the world forgot your kind.

Now, I stand and watch you,

Your unlikely successor,

And learn from your tale.

My kind-they think themselves

Immune to the hand of Fate.

Do they not recall

What befell the ancient kings?

Forgive me, teachers,

For I am a mere human,

And I must be humble.