"An Angel's Burden"

By: Cassandra Freiborg 3/4/06

A child approached me

and asked am I but a dream?

And I laughed and said,

would you prefer reality?

So we danced into a field of clover,

that turned quickly to dust,

and the hot desert air,

cooled quickly with the dusk.

And the cactus became,

the stairway to heaven,

but the child would not go with me,

because he was only seven.

So I climbed back down,

and took his hand,

and we danced once more,

in the sand.

And the rain clouds came,

and began to pour,

and that desert sand,

was now shore.

So we swam and splashed,

and played with fish,

and he said that this,

was his wish.

To forever live in,

this world of dreams,

but Ah, my friend,

tis not what it seems.

He frowned at me,

and began to cry,

and said that he,

did not want to die.

I held him close,

and apologized,

I always hate it when they cry.

Its tough to be,

an angel when,

you must bring children,

to heaven.

I took his hand,

and his face was dry,

and that's when I,

began to cry.

He said I'm ready,

lets go meet god,

and I gave a tiny nod.

This is the burden,

I must hold,

it is what,

I am told.

But why must children,

die so young?

Their many songs,

yet unsung.

I grasped his hand,

and he gave a sigh,

as he whispered,

his last goodbye.