A poet needs more than quill and ink
to weld a chain with no weak link
A warrior waits for war and strife.
For this, I have trained my life.

I have no fear of shadow or the dark.
I take my target and hit my mark.
Your lullaby is a pretty tune
and even a well is lit at noon.

Take the test before my time is up
To taste the wine first pick up the cup

For your hand I will reach
Time is short with much to teach

A damsel to rescue or dragon to slay
I'm a Knight errant for the working day
Shelter I must seek as the night falls
I have no place when the nightingale calls

If by chance I knock on your door
seeking only a patch of straw upon your floor
This is no baited trap or crafty lure.
My hands are dirty but my heart is pure.