9:00 AM, as my watched beeped. 2 hours. 2 whole hours of standing on edge, and for 2 hours, nothing. Not a single sound has emanated from the dense Amazonian jungle surrounding us. We've seen nothing, but the eerie quietness told us that there was something out there. Here, in the heart of the Amazon, strange two legged animals have been ravaging the local villages. We've been sent here to find out what was making the attacks. My field group was Jon and John, Meyer, and me, plus our three local guides.

7:00 this morning, we heard a squeal, and for two hours now, not a sound has been made. It's deathly quiet at a time when macaws, monkey, cicadas and a host of other creatures should have made the jungle as noisy as New York City at Noon. I wish I could believe that the animals were just resting, but I knew the horrible truth. There was something out there, just biding, lingering, and waiting, for that perfect moment of attack…

"Hey, Those bushes!"

Automatically, our gun sights were trained on the bushes before I clarified as to why our guns were trained on the bushes.

"What's with the bushes?"

"I swear, they were rustling"

Then, the attack started. With blistering speed, two animals appeared behind us and took out John and Meyer. Advancing past the two people, our native guides gunned them down in a glistening maroon spray of blood before being taken out by a volley of the brown striped green animals leaping down from the branches above. In the swift seconds of hang time, after they leapt and before they hit the ground, My immediate thought was "Dammit! I knew we should have cut those low lying branches"

Then another thought forced itself into my brain.


It was too late.

Before I had time to move my feet, a jarring weight knocked me to the ground, and I saw the animal. A Velociraptor. The first thought that ran through my mind was "What the hell?"

Then I had one more thought. My last thought before my head got chewed off was that the human race was doomed

…and then all was dark.

Reviewing these last chain of events has concluded three things for me.

The first was that my last thought was correct. In about 20 years, the human race would be no more.

The second was, were had these animals come from? It turns out they were a group of animals that evolved from lizards, and weren't Velociraptors, but a brand new species…the most vicious ever encountered in the history of Earth.

The final thing was that there is no heaven and hell. Just a storage space in eternity, until summoned for, for what was left of me. The soul.