- His Majesty -

So it was that I stood before him again.

His majesty. The man of misery.

And he said, "You've returned already?"

And I replied, "I traveled the wrong road again."

"The last time you were here, it was but a visit,

For you were afraid that right path might be wrong.

So you retraced your old steps back to the crossroads.

But now you stand before me, and know…

That the path you thought was right was truly wrong.

And there is no going back for you this time.

So, I fear you already know that this is no visit.

Here you will stay with misery for longer."

And in all his gracious nature, he continued,

"Only I know how long you shall stay,

Though I cannot tell, you must live with me until then.

But you shall stay with my sons of anger and guilt.

For this way was not the only mistake you made.

Though, through traveling this path…

You have made others very happy."

"Then should I be so?"

He raised a hand to his chin, and looked upon me,

"No one can say for sure, but in the night…

When you are lonely and cold.

Hold that if you have nothing else."

- Nicole Gagnon